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Thanks for your interest in the Pro Clean College IICRC Apprenticeship/Basic Skills Carpet Training Program.

Below is an overview of what the program contains. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask at

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Take your carpet care program to the next level

Not all companies and facilities can send their staff off-site for training. This program allows training to be handed to you, with complete information (including PowerPoint presentations and training manuals) for your own training purposes. Get ready to make carpet care for your business or facility a complete success!
This is an approved curriculum by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

This program does not replace other certification offerings by the IICRC. Instead, it is an apprenticeship program that can lead your staff to further certifications, but in the meantime, will tremendously increase the effectiveness of your carpet cleaning program.

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Carpet care strategies you will master:
·        Soil prevention measures that reduce cleaning frequencies
·        Five-step systems approach to improved efficiency
·        Mastering spot removal chemistry – what works on what
·        Remove and prevent re-occurring spots
·        Attacking challenging soil conditions
·        Balancing interim with restorative cleaning
·        IICRC’s 5-steps to total maintenance care – meeting industry standards
·        Fiber specific cleaning demands
·        Understanding which of the five cleaning methods is right for you
·        Adjusting cleaning chemistry, aggression level, moisture level, temperatures, dwell time and machine operation
·        Avoid 10 major cleaning mistakes
·        Diagnosing machine performance and results
·        Improving indoor air quality and safety precautions
ü     Learn, test and earn your IICRC apprentice diploma.
ü     Four hour course can be downloaded and shown at your facility
Forty-four page training manual and two slide presentations with 139 slides – downloadable version only $169. Training program is designed as a four-hour seminar to be shown at your facility. Test and IICRC diploma cost is extra per student. Train as many of your own technicians or custodial staff as you wish, at the pace you want. Improve your staff's carpet cleaning skills. 
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Details of the Carpet Cleaning Training School IICRC approved Apprentice/Basic Skills Program

· Four hour in-house training program with forty-eight page instruction manual and a 134 slide Power Point presentation.
· Easily downloaded from the Internet and shown at your facility.
· Total investment is $169 for the download version. Potentially train thousands of technicians.
· Certificate of completion or IICRC diploma are additional per participant.
· Additional slide program is available to personalize it for your facility. 

Two slide modules, 1.5  hours each:

1. Carpet Maintenance Theory - 69 slides
2. Carpet Cleaning Diagnostics - 65 slides

A third, personalized module is available at an additional cost to include photos of your facility, equipment, chemicals, procedures and staff.

Carpet Maintenance Theory  1.5 hour module


· Corrective VS Planned Maintenance
Soil Prevention - parking lot care, outside mats, inside mats & containment
Systems Approach - soil prevention, vacuuming, spotting, interim maintenance and restorative cleaning
Vacuum Maintenance - heavy, medium and light traffic patterns
Machine Maintenance - 5 tips

Principals of Cleaning

· Composition of Soil
TACT Formula
Five Steps - dry soil extraction, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming and drying
Seven Categories of Carpet Cleaning Agents
Nine Types of Cleaners for the Restorative Process

Carpet Construction and Installation

· Four Most Popular Fibers
Carpet Construction
Carpet Installation

Cleaning Systems and Methods

· Eight Guidelines to Improve Indoor Air Quality
Five Recognized Cleaning Systems - Absorbent powder, Bonnet Spin Pad (nine guidelines for proper use), Dry Shampoo and Encapsulation, Rotary Shampoo (seven guidelines for proper use) and Hot Water Extraction
· Hot Water Extraction Guidelines - Cleaning agents (nine tips), Agitation (nine dos and don’ts), Water (five concerns) and Machines (ten tips)

Safety Guidelines

Carpet Cleaning Diagnostics  1.5 hour module

· Ten major spot removal products
Spotting Procedures - avoid setting a stain or damage to the carpet
Eight Spotting Guidelines
Stain Delamination
Identifying four types of carpet damage
Understanding eight problems that affect appearance
Preventing operator damage
Six major equipment diagnostic skills for Hot Water Extractors
Six major guidelines for operation of Hot Water Extractors
Nine ways to improve extraction results

Test available for IICRC diploma - $25 per student or certificate of completion $5 per student. 

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   How does the training program work?

1. Simply purchase and download the program, including the 48 page instruction manual and two slide presentations.

2. Study the training manual in detail and review the slides.

3. Establish a training schedule that works for you, such as 4 hours on a Saturday morning, or two 2 hour evening sessions or even a 1 hour daily class for four days. Arrange for approximately 30 minutes hands-on cleaning procedures with equipment and supplies.

4. Consider the value of purchasing the IICRC test and diploma for $25 per student. If your budget does not allow the purchase of several hundred tests and diplomas consider a non-IICRC $5 test and certificate of completion or any mixture thereof.

5. Agree to testing requirements of not altering the class materials, providing a safe classroom environment, a suitable learning environment, support a code of ethics including dignity and respect for all students, follow class curriculum as approved by IICRC and agree to confidentiality and integrity in administering all tests.

6. Present the class materials. Have someone read each slide and have a supervisor available to answer any questions by sharing materials from the training booklet. 
Note: Currently this carpet care training program is not available for purchase for those who would resell the materials. In other words, any and all instructors who want to present the program to others outside their own organization must first become an approved IICRC instructor with our school.

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To order via fax, click on the following link:
IICRC Apprentice.Basic Skills Carpet Training Program Order Form.pdf